Frans Verbaandert from the city Veldhoven and Jan Habraken from the nearby village Aalst are two pigeon friends, who race each from their own home, but they fulfil each other perfect on strong and les stronger points.

The preference from those two pigeonfriends are the Z.L.U. races, and special "Barcelona".
Through those races became Jan and Frans friends.
In there conversation during a prize distrubutionfrom "de Kempen Z.L.U. kampioenschappen" in the village Bladel they came on the idea to start together a breedingloft and a partnership.
Frans started as Verbaandert - Habraken and Jan as Habraken - Verbaandert.

The new start was made 2000 and they purchased immideate some very good strains.
Many lofts did get a visit from Frans and Jan.

Finally they chose for the pigeons from "Wim Bax" who lives in Budel, "Louis de Heijde" who lives in Geertruidenberg, the world famous "Cor de Heijde" who lives in Made and the pigeons from the wel known "Jan Hermans" from the city Waalre.


Jan en Frans