At Jan and Frans their lofts the pigeons are raced on two systems.
So are there on both lofts 32 widowers who are played on the traditional widowhood.
Frans races with 9 pairs on the nest and Jan with 12 pairs.

They mate their widowers around the 25th March.
The widowers don't raise any youngsters on their nest.
After 6 days of brooding they are sepperated again.

Around the 21st April the are mated for the second time and after 3 days
brooding they start for there widowhood..........
All the yearlings raise one youngster from their first nest.
If the youngsters are 20 days old, then the yearling's become a widower.


Jan and Frans love from variated mixes so they always purchase 3 brands to mix.

And those brands are:
**Paloma Super widowhood
**Mariman Super M
**Versele lage Superstart

The nest-pigeons can eat as much as they want (full tray).
The widowers get in the morning one spoon "Gerry +" from Versele Lage and in the evening 2 spoons from the variated mixture above.
They also get with their evening diner a little teaspoon of candyseeds. (each pigeon)

There are always minerals, stones etc. on the loft.


When the pigeons 10 days brood they get a cure against trichomonas.
One year with the products from " de Weerd" and the other year with products from the vetenarian " Peeters".

All pigeons are vaccinated against the paramixo-virus and against smallpox.

In February they are cured with "Parastop" against the paratyfus-virus with a product from "de Weerd".

The last 3 days before basketing the pigeons get the products beneath mixed through there grains:

1 Spoon Aminozuren.
1 Spoon pigeon-oil (9 sorts of oil)
1 Spoon B.M.T. (brewers-, milkyeast and wheat-flakes)
1 Spoon racing-vitamines.
1 Ampul aspartatencombination (Red ampuls)
Mixed together in 1 kilo grain given in the evening.

On the day from homecoming:
1 bag "recuvit forte" and 1 Spoon Dextrose in 1,5 liter water.
This stays all day long in the loft.

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